06 October 2016

Still Here

Sorry for not updating. I am currently moving across the country, starting a new job, and buying my first house. It's all very exciting and nerve racking.

On another note, I have been testing using RenderMan in my Blender pipeline and so far have had great success. Below is a test render. I did not create the model! I only painted the texture and setup the shader. I used materials from Material Pipeline - ONELVXE . Which are doing great in RenderMan. They are built for Cycles, but I am having no problems. Be sure to open the full image as this is a rather large render.

1 comment:

Luciano said...

that's a great looking render man!.
I didn't know about you moving, getting a house and stuff, we should talk again soon!, I'm starting animation in school so i'll put our panel to extensive testing !