08 July 2016

Working on a game project

    I am currently working on rigging and animating character for a Final Fantasy Tactics style game. I have posted a screenshot of the rig in progress. I'm just about done with the rig, just have to finish the fingers and clean up the weights. I have learned so much the past few weeks about rigging in Blender. I finally accomplished the task of FK/IK Controls! I have had a decent leg rig down pat for awhile now, but I have found out a small feature that I am thinking of adding. I'm not really sure if FK/IK will be needed for the leg rig, as I haven't really done FK animation with legs very much. Keep your eyes here to see some WIP shots and final animations.
I'm excited about working on this game and will share more with you when I'm able. For now enjoy this tiny screenshot!

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