12 August 2012

Stop Motion seriously

So my life has been going well. I have been pretty busy but I've decided to take time out to do what I really want to do. That is to make a stop motion film. I will continue the story that originally started maybe 5 years ago? Perhaps longer but I'm not really sure. The idea has grown and changed as I've gotten a better idea of what I want to share with the world. It's neat to see how ideas form and change and grow as you do as a person. Starting out doing stopmotion will require alot of investments, but it's something dedication and love will really bring forward. I have always wanted to work on stopmotion, doing 2d and 3d as a cop out really. From the first time I remember seeing the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials, to Harryhausen and Gumby, all the way to modern day films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Grommit, I've been in love. I look forward to diving into this. First I will be purchasing a new webcam as I lost my old one, plus it doesn't work in Windows 7. Later on I will be getting a DSLR camera but for now that's way too expensive. I will be doing tests alot. So look forward to seeing them as well as my trials and tribulations of learning puppet creation, set design, and all the fun stuff I get to do whilst creating stop motion!

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