13 February 2011

UVW mapping woes

So UVW mapping is a long boring process. Albeit you do learn somethings, it's such a headache. The basic theory, if you are unfamiliar is to flatten out a 3d object into 2d space, like origami. The technology for it has gotten better but it still seems far off from having an artist's sensibility. It still feels very computerized. Of course UV's have usually been my "weak" point. As I dread them and try to avoid them. I should probably learn more about them, perhaps there are easier ways. Perhaps my technique is really old. Maybe even my understanding.

See for yourself, this is what I have right now. I spend lots of time on it but it still could use a ton of work. I'm not sure if I should optimize my 2d texture space or keep the shapes? Oh well, I'm going to texture this little guy and get to the fun stuff, like animating.

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