30 January 2011

WIP Dino again.

This time I've decided to build a strong base mesh before sculpting. I'm not confident in my sculpting skills like I am in my box modeling techniques. So I will be building a nice mesh in Blender before sculpting details. I also think I'm just going to sculpt fine details, not the major features like I was doing. I'm not used to sculpting enough for that. I can control the mesh much better with faces, edges and vertices. I guess it gets to a point where the detail becomes too small, that's when I'm going to sculpt. That reminds me, I think sculpting is loosing a bit of the classical modeling in 3d. Sure we have used nurbs, polygons, voxels, and vectors (perhaps others that I'm not familiar with) but to me we need to keep control over the basic blocks of form. I dunno perhaps I'll write a better article about it.

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Olga said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment. Neat dinosaur btw