24 January 2011

Game Development Stage 1

So Romulo and I are finally making a game. This time we have a solid idea and are going for it. His engine is nearly complete so my job has to be kicked into overdrive. I wanted to outline some of our development progress here, so that I can at least see how long it took us and some of the obstacles that we've faced. Right now I haven't decided if sculpting high poly models is a good idea or not. True it's becoming a standard, but my skills in texturing/modeling aren't what they could be. I've spent the past few years animating and not really modeling anymore. However I am trying to sculpt. I'm currently using Sculptris to see if I can do a nice rendering of one of the dinosaurs. Discovering the sculpting workflow is also messing me up, see back when I was in college for 3d (2002-2004) sculpting was unheard of. The main issue I remember was nurbs or polygons. Of course we know polygons won that battle! Now I was going to model the low poly mesh, then do a high poly sculpt and normal map it to my original model. But I found out that many people model a basic mesh then sculpt then do a retopology... Well, I guess I'll jump in the crowd and do the same. I just hope it looks good and I don't have to trash all of my work.

Figuring out the workflow of building a game is one of the biggest issues to me. But it's something that I have to deal with head on. Luckily for me Romulo knows almost everything I don't and I know almost everything he doesn't. It's a good team setup, although I'm afraid we may need someone other than I to texture our models. I'm not confident in my painting skills. Of course I will do it if we don't find someone else. It may be easier after all to split up the money we make from the game between only us 2. Also since this is our first game, I not sure high production value is that important. Don't get me wrong, this will be a quality game. I just don't think we are going to spend eternity working on it. The end of January is approaching and we've got basic designs for 3-4 characters. This gives me something to work towards, but I feel we should have designed more before I began modelling. Only time will tell I guess.

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