11 November 2010

rabbit punch

So the rabbit I posted a while ago was built in wings 3d and rendered in 3ds max. Well, I don't have max, my college did. I finally found someone who owns max to export the model for me. So now I get to rig it in Blender! I have also discovered the use of Z-Brush matcaps using GLSL shader in Blender. Here's a short video tutorial: eat3d's matcaps in case you want to use it. I've got a large selection of shaders now and it really helps to quickly visualize your model with substance. Anyways, I'm working on the spaceman animations for a game. I've started on the idle today, jump and run are coming along nicely also. I'll tweak it once I get it into the actual game engine. Not sure how it will look. Also I'm going to need to fix much of the weight paintings. Low poly stuff can be more picky than high poly when it comes to armature weights. You can get some funky creases. I'm glad I've picked back up actually animating. It's getting me motivated again. I'll update with some videos and images in a day or two.

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