13 January 2010

writing, writing, writing.. rawhide!

I have started scripting my first episode. I finally have the character figured out and some of the stories and experiences I would like to share in my animation. The hardest thing to me is getting my ideas that I want to share into a concrete form that I can then weave into a story. Metaphors and the likes. I guess it's kind of like writing poetry. What I'm planning on doing is let the character tell the story mostly with body language and actions. I might do some voice acting but I will probably have to hire someone because my voice is not so great. I'm also learning how to setup a nice rig as I go along and settling on a style is a hard choice. All of the choices I have to make at the beginning means I need a good road map and to plan ahead. So I'm not going to worry with the modeling or rigging really until I get the script in a final draft and the storyboards started. Any tips guys?

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