18 May 2009

Revelation of Pi

Life has been interesting to say the least. Much thought has gone into consideration. I have came to the decision that I want to create what I want! Much as any artist does. What format shall I choose? As many as I can.

On the animation side of things, all is looking on the up and up. Still struggling with still poses, but I just need to loosen up a bit. I did some straight ahead animation for practice this weekend and I must say it felt good. I enjoyed it so much. All this pose to pose nonsense has been making me feel like a machine. I broke out Dick Williams' book Sunday and brought it to work with me to read over for another time. Doing so I rediscovered his section on straight ahead and pose to pose. Using both of them to there advantages. When I originally read this part I didn't quite understand using the mixed type. Now I do. So here's to you Richard, thanks for reminding me that the wisdom of past and great animator's should be devoured over and over again!

I also forgot to say I built a new PC. This time I have a quad core! Specs are as followed, q6600, 4GB Ram, Nvdia 9800GTX. Very nice system, a great upgrade from my single core AMD 64bit 3000+! I've always been an AMD man until recently. A few reasons; 1) I got a deal on the Intel, traded most of the parts for an Amiga 4000. 2) Intel is now faster and the price gap is really close. 3) AMD now owns ATI and I've always been a Nvidia man.

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