10 February 2008

Time for a wordy update

So as you can tell, most of my posts lately have been just videos. I haven't typed very much. The reason is I've been pretty busy. I have moved to a new place, getting a new job, and working on side projects. The most recent project has emerged from a good friend of mine. We are slowly trying to work on a large animation project, but we've been busy with school and work so we've not put too much time into it. Well, he has a small freelance web design thing going on besides his day job. He is needing some coding in php. I have a bit of experience in programming qbasic and C, among trying out others. My most successful being a C game engine. Which got as far as being able to move sprites around and some crappy collision detection. I do however understand functions and how computers work, thanks to a book Write Great Code, which is an assembly book at heart. It goes in to great depth to explain how a computer works (thinks). A great buy even if your motives are not to program, just the information about how things are managed by a computer can help you in your everyday use.

Now for my real reason to update. I'm working out a webisode type animation. Format is unknown right now. But I've been doing tests in 2d and building a 3d set. I think I might change the medium per different episodes. This could possibly strengthen my techniques and my demo reel. I of course want to do stopmotion too. So, I am to model a 3d set, draw a 2d world, and build a real set. I just hope I can keep the look consistent enough. I know minor changes will be good. I'm not exactly sure how the stopmotion pipeline will work. So it will be new to me. I really hope to get into stopmotion professionally. Adding some stopmotion pieces should help me land that kind of job. Well, hopefully I will upload some teaser images of some concepts soon. Till then, happy animating.

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