10 November 2007

Body Mechanics of jumps.

So from my experience and from what I've been told jumps are not easy. Here's my try of the "blocking plus" stage.


Unknown said...

Looking at this, I'm seeing a sort of a disconnect between the mass of the head and the mass of the rest of the body. I mean, this character's got this huge melon, and I'm not seeing the tension in the spine and the weight of this character shifting in response to that. I think what you did was you animated the hips and legs, and then tried to counteranimate the spine and head to compliment it. You might want to try this again, and this time thing about the shapes your character's body is making, and how the weight of that gigantic ball on the top of this spring shaft of a spine is going to affect things.

Unknown said...

Oh. :/ And I see you posted this two years ago. ARGHHH. My bad.