11 October 2007

Shnookums & Meat!!!!

So, the other day I went by Reed's Books which is a really awesome used book store downtown. I was browsing the children's section when I saw a plastic box thing that said Shnookums & Meat on it!! Score! I remember waking up early before school at maybe 5:00 am just to watch it. It was a cool cartoon. It was Disney that took a hint of Ren & Stimpy. Well what the box is , is a promotion pack for the local tv station. Awesome. I scanned a few of the picture items to show you.

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godandaa said...

hey if you like schnookums and meat there's a cool fan page on facebook for them: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/The-Schnookums-and-Meat-Show/106554242698928?ref=ts