02 September 2007

starting week 10

Life's been a little bit crazy lately. With my car being broken down for over two weeks, I haven't been able to make much money at work. (For the ill informed I am currently a runner for a law firm, i.e. I drive for money.) It also cost big bucks to fix, which I didn't have. Well, now I have my car albeit with a problem but at least I have it. I didn't get to put much time into my animation this week or anything else for that matter. I've also moved (moving) in with Liz, my girlfriend. She's great! Plus this will save me some money. Which can really help right now. Tonight I got my computer setup and started going back and fixing my old assignments. I have left them hanging for quite some time. Really waiting till I figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. Slowly but surely I am getting better. Well off to animate. I will post some more stuff once I get everything setup. Toodles.

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