21 September 2007

final week 12

This is my final reel for my very first semester at Animation Mentor! It's terrible. The only thing I like is the vanilla walk! I think it looks production quality. Well the basic bouncing ball is ok to, if not bland. Next week we get a week off. So this time I should practice my drawings skills, setup a stop-motion set, and refine all of my reel material. These don't have to be finished during this one week period but it would be nice. I don't think I have enough time in the day. All I can do is try!


Andy Latham said...

Hi Brandon, I like your stuff here. Can you tell me something? When you are animating in 3D, do you stop the computer creating inbetweens while you animate the keys, and then sort out the inbetweens afterwards? I'm just curious becasue I saw that one animation was jumpy and then you showed it again really smooth.
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Greg Marlow said...

Looking good Man. Congrats on getting through class one alive :D