18 August 2007

Week 7

This one I am proud of. I did a ton of planning and I think it really paid off! What do you think? I might massage it a bit more after I get graded on it, but I think I have improved tremendously. Here are my 'final' sketches for it.

I also got Windows 64bit installed and up and running. Everything works except for Quicktime inside of web browsers, well most of the time. Sometimes it works. Very odd, but then again QT is 32bit software. Darn Apple! Release QT 64bit for Windows! I also partitioned my 2nd drive and setup my virtual disk space on a 2gb partition and am using the other space to store all my work. That way I can use my main harddrive only for applications. It should speed things up. Also been tweaking my system by disabling services and the likes. I use Black Viper for a nice guide to tweak services.


Lizzi A. said...

I think you did great on this. I am very proud of you :)

tryiian said...

QT for mac is QT for 64bit!

You could put OSX on a partition, too.