27 March 2007

Zombie Walk-cycle

Today I started work on a zombie walk-cycle in order to experiment and practice for my upcoming short (working with a friend of mine on it). I haven't start on the arm movement yet and a few other things. The legs and hip area is what I have worked on the most so far. Everything else needs much more work. On another note, I hope to get into Animation Mentor this summer class. I am really excited about it.

I have also been sketching more lately. I have even been able to sketch much better than usual. I think The Animator's Survival Kit is really doing me wonders. Not only are my animation skills rising, my drawings skill are as well.

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Caio Lima said...

Hey man,

Nice zombie walk, let me ask u this, how do u post ur vid in quictime format using the quicktime player? I mean when i post it it is played by the blogger player, know what i mean? How do u get the quicktime player on ir blog?