04 February 2019


So 2019 is now. I haven't posted in a few years. I have done little artwork, but have done some. I am still working on my Question Everything project. Maybe I'll finish it one day!

06 October 2016

Still Here

Sorry for not updating. I am currently moving across the country, starting a new job, and buying my first house. It's all very exciting and nerve racking.

On another note, I have been testing using RenderMan in my Blender pipeline and so far have had great success. Below is a test render. I did not create the model! I only painted the texture and setup the shader. I used materials from Material Pipeline - ONELVXE . Which are doing great in RenderMan. They are built for Cycles, but I am having no problems. Be sure to open the full image as this is a rather large render.

24 August 2016

New website for Blender Animators

Blender Animator

I created a new site for my scripts and to link to other useful add-ons for animator's that use Blender. I will hopefully start adding some tips and tutorials as well. Keep an eye out on it!

05 August 2016

Blender Animator's Toolbox Panel Script and Theme

So I have been working on a tool panel for Blender for Animator's. Feedback is welcome. It's a heavy WIP right now.

I also have been working on  a theme for Blender mimicking Pixar's Presto animation Software.

08 July 2016

Working on a game project

    I am currently working on rigging and animating character for a Final Fantasy Tactics style game. I have posted a screenshot of the rig in progress. I'm just about done with the rig, just have to finish the fingers and clean up the weights. I have learned so much the past few weeks about rigging in Blender. I finally accomplished the task of FK/IK Controls! I have had a decent leg rig down pat for awhile now, but I have found out a small feature that I am thinking of adding. I'm not really sure if FK/IK will be needed for the leg rig, as I haven't really done FK animation with legs very much. Keep your eyes here to see some WIP shots and final animations.
I'm excited about working on this game and will share more with you when I'm able. For now enjoy this tiny screenshot!

15 January 2016

12 January 2016

D & D Character

This is my Dungeons & Dragon's character. A half Orc named Rakur. This is usually how he sleeps.

Mid January Sketches

My dogs.

Trying to draw women in a chunky style that I find appealing.

29 December 2015

Daily Struggle

A scene from my daily life.

16 December 2015

Mouse, dog, & cat

Mouse is creeping.

Cat is terrible, I don't like cats anyways.